What’s the difference between the LK Fitness App and online plans?

What’s the difference between the LK Fitness App and online plans?

❇️ The app is simpler to use because you can access everything on your smartphone. 🔸 With the online plans, you need to log in to the LK Fitness website daily to access your program and meal plan.

❇️ With the app you get your weekly exercise and meal plans in advance, all year round, with a different program weekly.🔸 The online plans consist of only 21 days of exercise and meal plans, or in some cases, just 7 days of meal plans, which you can repeat.

❇️ The app has short videos which demonstrate how to do each of the exercises. 🔸 The online plans have photos with descriptions.

❇️ The app gives you the option to select a monthly (R119) or yearly (R709) subscription. The money is deducted from your credit card through your app store on each renewal date, but you can cancel your subscription at any time before the renewal date. [Note: the annual subscription is the more cost-efficient option, as it works out to just R59pm.] 🔸 The online plans are once-off amounts that you pay by EFT or bank card. (Prices range from R110 to R190 per plan.) They are available to you online for 6 months.

❇️ The app is risk-free. You get a 7-day free trial when you download your app and choose your subscription. If you cancel before the 7 days have passed, you will not be billed. 🔸 There is no free trial for the online plans.

❇️ The app’s exercise and meal plans are available immediately once you join. 🔸 With the online plans, you have to wait between 2 to 12 hours before they are activated, dependent on when your proof of payment is received.

Click here to read more about the app and to download it: LK Fitness App

Click here to go to the online store for online plans: LK Fitness Online Programs

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