Toned arms in the water

Toned Arms in the Water

Time to show off your sexy upper arms. Combine the following two exercises to shape your arms and to get rid of excess fat.

  1. Use your body weight

Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, on the edge of the swimming pool. Do a quick bend of your knees and push yourself up as if climbing out. Straighten your arms. The tricep muscles on the back of your upper arms will contract. Even your stomach muscles are working, so keep them contracted as well.

Lower your body again, until your feet are almost touching the floor and then push yourself up again, as if climbing out. Stomach muscles contracted and arms straight. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

Tread water between each set (see next exercise) to get your heart rate going. You have to burn kilojoules to get rid of the layer of fat on the arms.

2. Tread Water

Keep your head above the water by moving your arms and legs, and being aware that your feet may not touch the ground. To be able to tread water, use your arms, legs and stomach muscles and this gets your heart rate going. It is excellent for fitness and fat burning. Start off with 30 seconds and increase gradually. Aim to tread water for 1 minute between the sets of arm exercises.


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