Toned Tummy Plan


Get rid of stomach fat and tone your tummy!

This program is for you if you:

  • Dream of having a flat belly
  • Store fat around your waist
  • Frequently feel bloated
  • Want to get rid of your Muffin top
  • Want 6 pack abs
  • Want to strengthen your core for sports

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Get your 4 weeks Toned Tummy Plan and follow the 3 steps to a flat belly

There is no reason why your tummy can’t be as flat as an ironing board. Linda Kriel shares her recipe.

“Sit-ups alone will not make your stomach flat. It’s about the right combinations of different exercises and a step wise plan so you can reach your goals. Follow my 3 steps in the Toned Tummy Plan!”

The 16-hour detox plan – which you can do once a week – will help you get rid of a bloated stomach. The cardio program will burn the fat layer and the ab exercises will tone your abdominal muscles.

The training program has 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level.

We are in this together! Join the Linda Kriel Fitness community. Motivate each other, follow one another, share your successes and get advice from Linda Kriel by following her on facebook (Linda Kriel Fitness), and share your questions; before and after pics and testimonials at the “visitors posts”.
Once you’ve ordered the Toned Tummy Plan, your plan will be available to you on this website immediately after we receive your proof of payment. Please allow 2 to 12 hours to enable you to access the Plan on the site. You will receive an email as soon as your Plan is enabled. Then sign in to the website with your Username and Password.

Note: this is not a book or a DVD that is posted.

Your Toned Tummy Plan is available online for 6 months. So you can repeat the program 6 times.

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The Toned Tummy Plan is available online for you for 6 months. The reason why it expires after 6 months is to motivate you! Don’t just buy it and wait for a sunny day. Get started! We want you to achieve great results! Research has shown that people get much better results when they pay for a program, and there is a deadline. The program is not expensive for all what you get. We want to make YOU lean, not your wallet.

Linda Kriel has put together the best combination of exercises and shares the recipe she follows for a flat stomach. She demonstrates the exercises in beautiful pictures and short videos.

Detox and lose stomach fat
Your Detox Plan: Follow the Detox Plan for 16 hours once a week.

You don’t get an eating plan, but are advised to do one of Linda’s diet plans – the Summer Body Low GI Low Fat diet or the Best Body Banting (high fat low carb) diet – along with the Toned Tummy Plan. See the online store for details.

Your Exercise Program: You will receive a detailed exercise program to follow Mondays to Saturdays. The difficulty level increases weekly. Sundays are rest days, but late afternoon you start with your detox. The exercises are for any fitness level, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Level.

If you want the Toned Tummy Plan with one of our diets, visit the shop to get the Toned Tummy and Banting plan OR the Toned Tummy and Low GI plan: SHOP

Get your plan today! Dream it, Wish it, Do it!