Combo Toned Tummy + Best Body Banting Plan


The Dietplan that will change your life!
Get a Toned Tummy
Effective exercises to get a flat stomach, tight butt and thin thighs.

This program is for you, if you want to:

  • Loose weight without being hungry and have cravings
  • Exclude bread, carbs and sugar which make you gain weight
  • Loose weight around your belly and waist
  • Get rid of a bloated tummy
  • Firm your buttocks, thighs and stomach


The Toned Tummy and Best Body Banting plan is available online for 6 months.  You can repeat the plan 6 times for that period. The reason why it expires after 6 months is to motivate you! Don’t just buy it and wait for a sunny day. Get started! We want you to achieve great results! Research has shown that people get much better results when they pay for a program, and there is a deadline. The program is not expensive for all what you get. We want to make YOU lean, not your wallet.

Linda Kriel has put together the best combination of exercises and shares the recipe she follows for a flat stomach. She demonstrates the exercises in beautiful pictures and short videos. The Best Body exercise plan consist of her favourite thigh and buttocks exercises. The Banting diet is a Low Carb High Fat eating plan. There are no strange products or ingredients  to buy for the meal plan. The recipes are straight forward and can be prepared in a short time.

Detox and lose stomach fat

Your Detox Plans:

  1. The One day Detox (in the Banting plan) is optional, but we strongly recommend that you do it at the start of the Banting plan. Follow the detox plan for only one day, and then start the next day with the Banting eating plan. You can do this detox once a month if you feel the need to do it.
  2. Follow the Toned Tummy Detox Plan for 16 hours once a week every Sunday.
Your Exercise program:

You will receive a detailed exercise program to follow Mondays to Saturdays. The difficulty level increases weekly. Sundays are rest days, but late afternoon you start with your detox (in the Toned Tummy Plan). The exercises are for any fitness level, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Level.

In the Best body plan – every Monday tot Saturday –  you get 2 or 3 toning exercises for your problem areas (thighs and buttocks). Sundays you do some stretching. Your exercise program consists of a 7 day program that you repeat for the next two weeks.

Get your plan today!  Dream it, Wish it, Do it!