Fit & Fabulous Plan


This 21 day programme is for you if:

  • You want to permanently get rid of your excess weight
  • You want to speed up your metabolism to burn fat faster
  • You want to firm up your abs, buttocks, thighs and upper arms
  • You want to be fit and have loads of energy!

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Change your metabolism from storing fat to burning fat. Follow the correct exercise program and diet plan. Linda Kriel specialises in weight loss for women. Her Fit & Fabulous Program contains the right combinations of exercises, to get optimal results.

  • The training programs have 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level.
  • The one-day Detox plan can be repeated weekly or monthly. It will rid you with a bloated stomach and give your body a break, so you can get rid of accumulated waste that obstructs your health, slow down your metabolism and make you feel tired.
  • You get TWO diet plans! Follow the Low GI carbohydrate eating plan or the Banting diet plan. Both food plans contain 21 day menus. You never have to wonder what to eat. There are no strange products on the menu and it is easy to follow.
  • Recipes with simple ingredients for both eating plans are in a separate chapter.

You are not alone! Join the Linda Kriel Fitness community. Motivate each other, track each other, share your successes and get advice from Linda Kriel by following her on facebook Linda Kriel Fitness, and share your questions; before and after pics and testimonials at the “visitors posts”.

Once you’ve ordered Fit and Fabulous, your plan will be available to you on this website immediately after we receive your proof of payment. Please allow 2 to 12 hours to enable you to access the Plan on the site. You will receive an email as soon as your Plan is enabled. Then sign in to the website with your Username and Password.

Note: this is not a book or a DVD that is posted.

Your Fit & Fabulous Plan is available online for 6 months. The Banting and Low GI diet plans link very well with Linda’s other online plans (Best Body Banting and Summer Body Low GI) and can be combined with it.

The program is followed on this website. Sign in every day with your username and password – what you create when you join – and your diet plan and exercise program is right for you. Although it is a 3-week online program, the program is available to you on this website for 6 months.

To get your diet and exercise plan you have to log in with your username and password on this website.  The program is available for you online for 6 months. You can take screen shots of the exercises if you want to keep them. The diet plan is downloadable and can be printed.

Eat Right and Burn
You will learn to eat right and change your body from fat storage to burning more fat.

2 New 21 Day Diet Plans 
You will get 2 New Diet Plans: a Low GI Carbohydrate 21 Day menu and a Banting (low carb, high fat) 21 Day menu specially prepared  by a dietician in Paarl (South Africa). You choose which diet will best suit your lifestyle.

5 Exercise programs per week
4 Intensive training programs a week plus a Blitz (Flash) Program for Saturdays will ensure that you burn a lot of fat, get fit and target your problem areas for 3 weeks. Choice between Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Wednesdays we focus on cellulite and Saturdays and Sundays you rest or repeat one of the other programs of the week.

Follow the one-day detox plan (optional) before starting your diet plan and repeat it once a week or monthly, depending on your needs.

My goal is to make your body leaner, not your wallet. So, the cost of the Fit & Fabulous Plan is only R160 (+- US $13 depending on fluctuating exchange rates). You will have access to your daily program or motivation for 6 months each day and you can of course come to your 21-day menu every day, or print it out and paste it on your fridge. Everything takes place on this website where you can access your programs by using your own unique password. Remember, a goal without a proper plan, always remains a dream.