Beach Body Low GI Plan


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Shed Those Extra Kilo’s & Invest in firm and well defined buttocks, thighs and tummy!

If you want to lose weight by following a healthy Low GI Diet plan get your Beach Body plan today! Linda Kriel is your personal instructor with the right exercise program for firm and well defined buttocks, legs and tummy!

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Start working on your best Beach Body ever!

Your Beach Body Low GI plan will be available online once we received your proof of payment via our email. Give us a few hours to activate your Beach Body Low GI plan on our website. Once your plan has been activated it is available on the website. You sign in with your Username and Password – which you created – to get access to your Beach Body plan. This plan is available for you for 6 months. The menu can be printed and the exercises is available on the website.

The Detox plan (included) can be followed the day before you start your Low GI Dietplan. If needed you can do the Detox plan monthly.

Follow the 7 Day Diet plan and study the Glycemic Index (included) to show how to substitute your carbs in the menu for the weeks to follow. To lose weight and keep it off, it is important to keep your insulin levels stable and not fluctuating with high releases of insulin.

If you consume high GI carbs and sugar you will trigger your body to secrete insulin, resulting in a spike, thus you will battle to lose weight. Only when consuming Low GI carbs will you be able to keep your insulin levels stable. Studies have indicated that eating a Low GI diet instead of refined carbs and sugar is healthier, makes you more energetic and help you lose weight. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, stick to the Low GI diet because you feel more satisfied for longer and the digestion of food takes longer.

The Beach Body Low GI plan is available for you online on this website for 6 months. The reason why it expires after 6 months is to motivate you! Don’t just buy it and wait for a sunny day. Get started. We want you to achieve great results! Research has shown that people get much better results when they pay for a program, and there is a deadline. We want to make YOU lean, not your wallet, that’s why the plan is so affordable!

Once you’ve ordered, your plan will be available to you on this website immediately after we receive your proof of payment. Please allow 2 to 12 hours to enable you to access the Plan on the website. You will receive an email as soon as your Plan is enabled. Then sign in to the website  everytime with your Username and Password.
Note: this is not a book or a DVD that is posted.


The Detox Plan is optional. I highly recommend that you start with the Detox plan before starting your diet plan and repeat it once a week or monthly, depending on your needs.

7 Day Diet Plan

This diet plan is for you if you are someone who wants to lose weight but don’t want to cut carbs out of your diet. It is a low fat diet with low GI carbs, which will keep you sustained for longer. The menu consists of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with two snacks each day. The plan’s energy value is  1000 cal to 1200 cal (5000kJ to 5200kJ) daily, ideal for women to lose weight. If the whole family want to follow the meal plan, you have to add and customize the portion size for your husband and children according to their needs.  The menu is simple, easy to prepare and not expensive.


I have added a few, easy to prepare Low GI recipes.

Exercises for your Thighs, Buttocks and Tummy.

Your exercise program consists of a seven day program which you repeat the following two weeks. Monday to Saturday you do 2 different toning exercises targeted for problem areas. Sundays are rest days.


  • Mondays: Buttocks + Inner thighs
  • Tuesdays: Hips + hamstrings
  • Wednesdays: Tummy + Muffin-tops
  • Thursdays: Hips + Thighs
  • Fridays: Hips, Thighs + Buttocks
  • Saterdays: Tummy + Muffin-tops
  • Sundays: Stretching

Get your Beach Body Plan today! Dream it, Wish it, Do it!