Make the right choice in Coffee Shops

Make the right choice in coffee shops

It does not mean that you should never go to coffee shops or restaurants when you try to lose weight. Just put careful thought into what you order.

  • Cappuccinos and Latte’s are full of  kilojoules because they contain so much full cream milk. If you want to lose weight, order an Americano (black coffee) with or without milk. If you follow my Low GI meal plan, order skim milk with your coffee. If you follow my Banting meal plan, you can order full cream milk or cream, BUT then you should eat less food!
  • Do not order muffins and croissants. Low GI meal plan: rather order a poached or boiled egg and Low GI toast without butter. Banting meal plan: Order an omelette with mushrooms and bacon or any filling BUT NO bread. (Remember, if you ordered coffee with cream or whole cream milk you have to eat less.)
  • Do not use sugar or sweeteners. If you do not like the bitter taste of coffee, sweeteners are your best option, but they could stimulate the hormones that trigger hunger and you will end up eating more. The exact thing you are trying to avoid.

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