Day 5


Tabata is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program..

I love this way of exercising. Research has shown that HIIT burns up to 40% more fat. But you should only do this programme once or twice a week and never for 2 consecutive days. It is a very intense session and could lead to injury if you push too hard.Navorsing het getoon dat jy met HIWO tot 40% meer vet kan verbrand. Maar jy moet die program nooit 2 dae na mekaar doen nie. Dit is ‘n baie intense oefensessie en dit kan lei tot beserings indien jy dit oordoen.

With the Tabata-session you do 20 seconds full out and rest for 10 seconds. It was first developed by Doctor Tabata and helps with weight loss and fitness improvement. It is a short but very intense session.van vandag oefen ons 20 sekondes voluit en 10 sekondes rus. Dit is ontwikkel deur ’n Dokter Tabata en help baie vir gewigsverlies en fiksheid. Dit is ’n kort intense oefensessie.

The 20 second high intensity takes your heart rate very high while the 10 second rest takes your heart rate back to almost normal.Die kort intense 20 sekondes neem jou harttempo baie hoog en dan bring jy weer jou harttempo af in die 10 sekondes wanneer jy rus.

NOTE: Beginners should not do as high intensity as it could lead to injuries.

Advantages of High Intensity session:

  • A high intensity exercise session increases the body’s demand for oxygen resulting in more oxygen being taken in during the slowdown periods than it would if all the exercises were less intense. This afterburn effect is why you burn more fat than during a long, low intensity cardio session.
  • You save a lot of time. Due to the intervals being so short your exercise session is shorter.

Warm up:

Warming up is of utmost importance! You can walk/ jog for 3 to 5 minutes or do my warm up or on a static bike or on a treadmill. Do light hamstring stretches before you start.


  • Two rounds of 4 exercises each. Each round takes 2 minutes.
  • Do each exercise for 20 seconds at 100% effort and rest for 10 seconds.
  • Beginners do it at 70% effort. Do low impact which means one foot stays on the ground while exercising. Keep on moving for 20 seconds to increase your heart rate.
  • Do as much reps as you can in 20 seconds.


Do not overexert yourself. Only do as much as you can. Do not exercise all-out.

  • 2 x Circuit 1
  • 2 x Circuit 2
  • Total = 8 minutes

Do not jump. Change the exercises to be low impact, in other words, always keep one foot on the floor. Keep moving for the 20 seconds so that your heart rate can increase.


  • 4 x Circuit 1
  • 4 x Circuit 2
  • Rest 1 minute after 8 minutes of exercising
  • Total: 17 minutes


  • 6 x Circuit 1
  • 6 x Circuit 2
  • Rest 1 minute after 12 minutes execising.
  • Total: 25 minutes

Circuit 1

Description of Exercises

  1. Sideways Step Down
    Climb on step then step down with right foot and back up. Step down with left foot and back up.
  2. Jump side to sideSpring kant tot kant
    Jump sideways over a towel or mat..
  3. Jumping Jacks
    Beginners do not have to jump: step sideways right, sideways left while opening and closing your arms as you would when doing a jumping jack.
  4. Skipping ropeTouspring
    Beginners: walk briskly on the spot with knees up high and swing arms as if skipping rope

Circuit 2

Description of Exercises

  1. Squat & Jump:Squat en Spring: Squat by bending your knees at a 90°angle (push your buttocks outward) and touch the floor. Come up, straighten your legs and jump in the air.
    B = do not jump.
  2. Lunge walks
    Step forward with your right foot and land heel first while bending both knees at a 90°angle. Keep your hands in front of you for balance. Continue the walking lunges by alternating the steps between the left and right foot. Do a few walking lunges in one direction then turn around.
    A = kan hurk spronge doen (lunge jumps).
  3. Run/Jog on the spot
    Lift your knees up high and touch your hands to your knees.
    B = brisk walking
  4. Knee lift
    Hands above your head, jump and lift one knee up while simultaneously bringing the elbow across to that knee.
    B = Do the same but without jumping.