Day 4

DAY 4: Ab Exercises & Flashprogram

On Day 4 you might feel a bit tired with stiff muscles. Therefore today will be an easy session on one condition! YOU MAY NOT SKIP THE AB EXERCISE! The Flash program is opsional and only for those who are up to it.

    Banting Tips

    • Note: Banting is about ‘real food’. Buy organic eggs, milk, meat ect. Avoid processed food like compressed ham and saugages, ect.
    • When buying boerewors, always read the nutritional value. The carbohidrates value must be below 5 g. (I purchase wors with a carb value of 3 g or less.)
    • When buying Bacon, buy the wood smoked bacon.
    • READ the information at the back of your products. (I only buy products with less than 5g per 100g of carbs.)
    • This plan is not a diet which you stop after ‘n week of month. This is a new lifestyle. This plan is a guide and therefor you don’t have to eat everything on the menu. Keep to the tips I gave you to follow. NO sugar, HIGH fat, NO carbs!!

    *** Please leave a comment if you have any questions or if you want to inform me of your progress or how you cope with the exercise- or eating plan.As jy enige vrae het of sommer net vir my wil vertel hoe gaan dit met jou oefeninge en eetplan, los gerus jou kommentaar hier onder.

      High Intensiteit Flash – Program 5 minutes

      Research showed that with High Intensity Interval Training you burn 40% more fat (HIIT).
      Do these 8 exercises for 30 seconds each at a high intensity. If you have lots of energy, do this program 2 to 3 times.
      Click on the video:


      Do as much reps as you can in 30 seconds.


      • Do one set of each
      • May rest in between


      • Repeat 2 of 3 times


      • Repeat 3 of 4 times


      Beskrywing Van Oefeninge

      1. Bo-Maag: 30 sek | Rus 15 sek
        Feet crossed and lifted from the ground. Hands behind your head. Lift your upper body and try to touch your elbows to your knees. Contract your abs.
      2.  Onder-Maag: 30 sek | Rus 15 sek
        Make a scissor movement with your legs. Keep your head up. Support your head with your hands.
      3. Muffin-Tops: 30 sek | Rus 15 sek
        Bend side to side with your upper body. Try to touch the ground with your weights or hands. Keep your abs contracted.


      1. Bo-Maag:

      2. Onder-Maag:

      3. Muffin-Top