Day 2

Day 02: Walk/Jog

Hi There!

I hope you have done and enjoyed Day 1! Remember to exercise, for it is the most important aspect of any weightloss program. Exercise helps to burn more kilojoules and increase your metabolism by increasing your muscle percentage. Your muscles are then metabolically more active and therefore burns more fat. Thus the more musclecells you have the more fat you burn. This program will help to turn your body from a fat-storer to a fat-burner!!/p>

***Remember to leave a comment and share your experience. It motivates us all to know we are all in this together. Share how the exercises went, which level you did and how much you enjoy the eating plan. xxx Linda


If you have any back-, knee- or any other problems, do not workout through or with pain. Adjust the exercises to be pain free while exercising. Or ask your Doctor, Physiotherapist or Biokinetition for alternative exercises.

You can do this on a treadmill.


Walk slow: 30 Seconds
Brisk walking: 30 Seconds

Total = 20 minutes


Brisk walk: 2 minutes
Jog: 2 minutes

Repeat this combination again and again

Total: 35 minutes


Brisk walking: 1 minute
Jog/Run: 4 minutes

Repeat this combination again and again.

Totaal: 45 minute