Inner Thighs

Exercise for Inner Thighs
What causes fat in the inner thighs?

Our ladies tend to store excess fat in their hips, buttocks, lower abdomen and inner thighs. If you consume more kilojoules than you burn, your body stores those extra kilojoules in the form of fat. Unfortunately you can’t choose where your body stores fat. It is mainly determined by genes, gender and body shape.

Why is it so hard to lose fat in the inner thighs?

Even natural skinny ladies can struggle with stubborn inner thigh fat, and unfortunately you can’t spot reduce any body part. So if you want to lose inner thigh fat, you must realise that you will lose fat on other parts of your body too.

What should you do?
  • You need to “burn” the fat layer by doing cardiovascular exercises. These are exercises that increase your heart rate, such my HIIT and Circuit Exercise programs in the LINDA KRIEL FITNESS APP. Brisk walking, jogging or cycling for 30 minutes or longer are also examples of cardio.
  • Do specific toning exercises for the inner thighs, like the exercise below. Toning exercises and exercises with resistance not only shape and tightens your muscles, but it also increases your muscle percentage, and muscles burn fat!
  • Follow a healthy eating plan and make sure you don’t overeat.

You can do the following exercise 3 – 5 times a week to strengthen the inner thigh muscles.

  • Make sure you have a firm cushion for the exercise. You can also use a beach ball.
  • Sit upright on the couch / chair and place the sturdy pillow / ball between your legs.
  • Push your legs together and your knees towards each other to hold the cushion firmer.
  • Release and tighten, release and tighten, continue in this way.
How many?
  • Beginners: 3 sets of 10
  • Intermediate: 3 sets of 20
  • Advanced: 3 sets of 40
For your daily exercise programs and healthy eating plans, download the LINDA KRIEL FITNESS APP.

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