Healthy sandwich ideas

Healthy Sandwich Ideas

Sandwiches are endlessly versatile. Change up your weekly routine, and get creative the next time you see a sandwich on your meal plan with these healthy sandwich ideas.

Choose your starch. Then, select your filling from the list of bean, chicken, cottage cheese, egg, fish, meat and vegetable and other fillings.

STEP 1 – Use any of the following types of starch:

Low GI Roll1 whole
Low GI wrap 1 whole
Low GI bread2 slices
Seed loaf2 slices
Pita bread1 whole
Rye bread2 slices
Pumpernickel bread2 slices

STEP 2 – Add any of the following fillings:

Mash baked beans for a spread + lettuce + tomato

Mash butter beans + reduced-fat mayonnaise + tomato + lettuce

Hummus + tomato + lettuce
Chicken + reduced-fat mayonnaise + curry powder + chutney + tomato

Grilled chicken + fat-free cottage cheese + Gherkins + seasoning

Chicken in a can (Heinz or weigh less) in brine or tomato or sweet chilli sauce

Smoked chicken + avocado

Chicken ham + salad + avocado

Chargrilled chicken + cottage cheese

Chicken mayo (leftover chicken breast + reduced-fat mayonnaise)

Smoked chicken + salad ingredients

Chicken + apple + celery + reduced-fat mayonnaise

Chicken + weigh less bacon + avocado pear
Fat-free cottage cheese + rocket + gypsy ham or pastrami or smoked salmon

Fat-free cottage cheese + finely chopped preserved ginger

Fat-free cottage cheese + chopped gherkins

Fat-free cottage cheese + sweet chilli sauce

Fat-free cottage cheese + chopped peppadews

Fat-free cottage cheese + Marmite or Bovril

Fat-free cottage cheese + chopped egg + seasoning

Fat-free cottage cheese + grated pineapple

Fat-free cottage cheese +cucumber + reduced-fat mayonnaise

Fat-free cottage cheese + avocado pear

Fat-free cottage cheese + tomato, gherkins, lettuce
Chopped hard-boiled egg + rocket or watercress or coriander + reduced-fat mayonnaise

Scrambled egg + tomato + sweet chilli sauce

Mashed hard-boiled egg mixed with mustard + reduced-fat mayonnaise

Egg (boiled or scrambles or poached) + avocado pear + weigh less bacon
Smoked Mackerel + smooth cottage cheese

Flaked white fish + finely chopped cucumber + reduced-fat mayonnaise + lettuce

Tuna (in brine) + lemon juice + pepper + lettuce, tomato, cucumber

Tuna (in brine) + tomato + gherkins

Tuna (in brine) + fat-free cottage cheese + lettuce + reduced-fat mayonnaise

Tuna (in brine) + sweetcorn + reduced fat mayonnaise + chopped parsley

Salmon (smoked or tinned) + cucumber, lettuce + fat-free cottage cheese

Smoked salmon + cucumber

Pilchard or sardines + tomato

Curried or pickled pilchards + lettuceFish paste + cottage cheese

Smoked snoek + reduced-fat mayonnaise

Cheese + lean cold meat + tomato

Lean biltong + fat-free cottage cheese + salad ingredients

Lean cold meat + tomato, cucumber & lettuce + mustard

Lean roast beef + mustard

Lean ham + banana

Lean turkey/chicken roll + tomato + lettuce + ‘lite’ mayonnaise

Lean biltong + marmite + fat-free cottage cheese

Lean ham + avocado pear

Extra-lean beef mince + small amount of chutney

Weigh less bacon + tomato + lettuce + reduced fat mayonnaise
Grated carrot mixed + fat-free yoghurt + pineapple

Grated cabbage + grated onion + grated carrot + trim mayonnaise

Tomato, lettuce, cucumber + cottage cheese

Grilled roasted veggies + fat-free cottage cheese
Sugar-free Peanut Butter + sugar-free jam

Sugar free Peanut Butter + banana

Cheese (only allowed 3 times a week) e.g. camembert + fig or cranberry jam + rocket

Cheese + sugar-free jam (only allowed 3 times a week)

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