Do These Exercises for a Fast Metabolism

You Desire a Fast Metabolism

Exercise increases your metabolism and thus your body’s ability to burn kilojoules so you can enjoy eating without putting on weight.

Immediately after a workout, your metabolism is faster due to energy being burned faster. The type, duration and intensity of the exercise will determine how much of an influence the activity has on your metabolism.

Using weights during your workout will ensure your metabolism remains faster for longer after you exercise in comparison with aerobic exercises. This is probably due to strength workouts increasing your adrenaline level, which causes your body to burn energy more quickly.

Some scientists believe that it may also be due to the fact that after strength workouts, muscle tissue needs a lot more energy to recover than after an aerobic workout.

Circuit training is an excellent way to increase your metabolism and to burn a lot of energy. This involves short bursts of aerobic exercise (e.g. jogging on the spot) alternated with a few sets of strength exercises.

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