Online programs and use of DVDs and books:

The content of Linda Kriel’s programs are for informational purposes only and not to treat certain conditions. If you are over 60, have any health problems or are unsure if you can exercise, please first consult your doctor. If you are pregnant you can do the beginners level BUT you must first get permission from your doctor before you do the program. Some of the exercise programs include cardio sessions, high intensity alternating exercises and toning (sometimes with light weights) and there is a distinction between Beginner, Middle and Advanced Level. Except in the DVD’s where Linda Kriel demonstrates the exercises for an average level.

Everyone does the program at his own risk. Linda Kriel will not be held responsible for any injuries. We do not guarantee that you will lose any weight by reading or watching.the program Your results depend directly on your effort and the application of the knowledge gained. No adjustments will be made for you privately in the exercise or eating plans. If you are allergic to something or diabetic and not sure if the diet is suitable for you, you can discuss the diet with your doctor or dietitian. You are welcome to ask questions to Linda Kriel on the website and Facebook.

The 21 Day programs are available online for 30 days after you buy it. Linda Kriel retains the copyright on all the information in the program and no part of any program may be distributed in any form.

DVDs and Books:

Everything above also applies to the use of Linda Kriel DVDs and book, except that it is a product that is mailed to you. Packages are sent from post office to post office. Please allow 5 to 10 working days for delivery.

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