Burn Fat Fast

Burn Fat Fast

Too busy to exercise? I’ve designed this fat burning workout for ladies who are always on the run, but still want to get fit, lose weight (or maintain their weight) and tone their muscles. I do this program on a regular basis. I like it because I work up a sweat and rapidly  get to tone many muscle groups.

Follow this excellent workout for busy women and see your fat melt away.

Fortunately, you do not have to spend hours exercising in order to gain maximum results. New research shows that short bursts of intense exercise reduces your chances of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. The secret is … you have to work up a sweat. Let every minute of your exercise count!

This short daily workout for busy women is a high intensity circuit training program. The principle of this program is to raise your heart rate for 50 seconds with a high intensity aerobic exercise like exercise 1 (or running on the spot, or jogging up and down stairs) and then alternating it with an intense strength training exercise (such as exercise 2, 3, 4 and 5), without any breaks in between.

Do exercise 1 (or skip or run) between each and every exercise. A set will take 8 minutes. Try to do 1, 2 or 3 sets daily , depending on how much time you have to your disposal. Rest 1 minute after every set. Remember the golden rule, you have to give it your all each and every time.

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Note: Before starting a set, first warm up by jogging on the spot for 2 minutes. Rotate your shoulders  and move your arms up and down. Then, do some light stretches to warm up your hamstrings and quads.

unspecified1) Jump and lift your knees

Jump and lift your left knee up to your chest while turning your upper body so that your right elbow reaches toward your left knee. With your feet back at the starting position, jump and lift your right knee up to your chest. Keep on jumping and raising your knees for 50 seconds. Do it as briskly  as possible and if you are still a little unfit, or if you have knee troubles, do the knee-raises without jumping.

IMG_73912) Reverse lunges to target quads and glutes

With your left leg step backwards and keep it straightened. Your front knee is bent at 90 degree angle. Try to touch the floor with your hand. Come up and then repeat by stepping  backwards with your right leg. To make it more challenging, hold dumbbells. Try to tap the dumbbell on the ground. Beginners do not need to touch the floor. (Time: 50 sec)

unspecified3) Hips, waist and glutes

Position your body on all fours. Put your left hand on your hip and lift your left leg sideways. Now raise your leg sideways and lower it until your toes lightly touch the floor. Lift and lower, lift and lower 15-20 times. Repeat on the right. Keep your abdominals flexed.

2015-02-11 09.49.454) Push-ups for strong arms

These are push-ups with your hands near one-another. Keep your elbows near your body when you go down and push up. In this way, your triceps are targeted. Doing this variation of push-ups for 50 seconds can be very difficult. Do as many as you can and then get up and jog on the spot until your 50 seconds are spent.

unspecified5) Brag-worthy-shoulders

If you want to wear sleeveless blouses, shoulder exercises are a must. Hold two light dumbbells (1.5 or 2kg each), lift sidewards to shoulder height and lower again. See how many you can do in 45 seconds, focusing on good form, not speed. (Time: 50 sec)

I hope you are going to enjoy this workout!! Look elsewhere on  my website for more free workouts, as well as recipes and helpful hints. Click “Free” at the top of the menu bar on my website www.lindakriel.co.za

Have fun!
Linda xxx

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