7 Day Plank Challenge: Day 6

Plank for a Toned Tummy

Day 6: Mountain Climber

Can you feel that you’ve worked your abs after 5 days of the challenge?

Although this is a 7 day challenge the idea is that you will keep on doing these exercises long afterwards. That is if you want a toned and strong waist and core. Effective fat burning also requires exerecise and a balanced diet. You can follow my Combo Plans for a healthy Eating- and exercise plan.

We call today’s exercise Mountain Climbers. You use the same muscles as if you are climbing a steep mountain cliff.  This is a great exercise for the whole body. You use your  whole core ( tummy, waist and back) to execute this exercise. Start off in a high plank position. Engage your shoulders to stabilize your upperbody and triceps (back of upper arms) to ensure your body stays in the right position.


Start in the high plank position. Get on all fours, body in straight line and support your body on your hands and toes. Bend your right leg and tug the knee in to your chest and tap your right foot before you straighten your leg again. Repeat with other leg. Your body remains straight throughout. Do not lift your buttocks while doing the exercie. Do this in the amount of seconds set out in this program.

Beginners: 3 x 20 seconds

Intermediate: 3 x 35 seconds

Advanced: 3 x 60 seconds

Follow the above Method or watch my short video:

Happy Planking!
Linda Kriel xxx

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