6 Health Foods That Can Impair Weight Loss

People who are watching their weight are much more focused on eating healthy whole foods instead of processed foods these days. This is very good as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy proteins will help you stay satiated longer, which means you will have less room for unhealthy foods. Eating whole foods (foods in their natural form) is also extremely healthy and part of a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable in the long run.

However, something you need to keep in mind if you want to lose weight, or if you want to keep your weight constant, is that certain healthy foods can also be high in calories. The fact that you eat healthy foods does not necessarily mean that you can eat an unlimited amount of these foods and still lose weight.

Here are some healthy foods you should eat in moderation if you are trying to keep your weight down:

  1. Dried fruit
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It’s called nature’s candy for a reason. Although dried fruit is a completely natural whole food, it is also more calorie-dense than regular fresh fruit. Fresh fruits are a better choice because they offer a greater volume compared to the same amount of calories as dried fruits. This means that you will feel more satiated after eating a fresh fruit with the same amount of calories as a serving of dried fruit. You can easily overeat yourself on dried fruits. If you do eat dried fruit, eat only a small portion that fits in the palm of your hand.

2. Nuts

Nuts are a healthy snack, or ingredient in a meal, but they are very high in calories. Although healthy fats and nuts do help reduce heart problems, you should still not eat too many of them if you are trying to lose weight as they are high in calories.

3. Restaurant smoothies

Homemade smoothies made from plain yogurt, nuts, fruits and vegetables are very healthy and can be used as a meal replacement. However, the smoothies you buy in restaurants or have as a take-away, are mostly full of sugar, additives and bad fats. People sometimes buy a smoothie as a snack and if you are  keeping an eye on your weight, it can prevent you from losing weight. If you do buy a ready-made smoothie, make sure of its content and do not order the largest one.

4. Whole grain bread and pastries.

Whole grain bread is healthier than white bread, but whole grain flour contains the same amount of calories as white flour. So don’t fool yourself and think you can eat more bread and whole grain products just because it is healthier than white flour is.

5. Avocado

Although avocados are packed with healthy nutrients and fats, they still contain a lot of calories. A medium-sized avocado pear contains about 320 calories. Therefore, nutritionists recommend that you do not eat more than half an avocado pear daily.

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